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Lakewood Park United Methodist Church
Memorial Garden Policies

  1. Members, families and friends of Lakewood Park United Methodist Church are eligible for interment.
  2. Only human cremains shall be interred.
  3. The burial service shall be at the discretion of the PASTOR and the family of the deceased.  All arrangements MUST be made with the Pastor.  Application form and donations must be made at the church office 2 weeks in advance of the service.
  4. There are no specific or reserved areas in the Garden. 
  5. Memorial Garden services are held outdoors.  The family needs to be prepared for weather conditions. The Garden area comfortably can accommodate only 50 people.
  6. No artificial flowers or memorabilia of any kind are permitted.  Fresh flowers may be placed in the Garden on the day of the service and are to be removed by the family or the committee.
  7. A Memorial Book of Record and a plaque are maintained.  Inscriptions on the plaque will include name, dates of birth and date.
  8. A Memorial Garden Maintenance Fund has been established.  The Fund is composed of gifts and memorials designated for the maintenance and upkeep of the Garden.
  1. For those who wish to make prearrangements, a Memorial Garden Escrow Fund is available.  Application forms are available in the church office.  If plans are subsequently changed, donations will be refunded upon request.
  2. The family must provide a death certificate and certificate of cremation from the funeral director for the church records prior to interment.   Cremains are to be kept by the funeral director until the day of interment and are to be delivered in a plastic lined container. Records from the interment are kept by the Church Trustees.

For more information, please contact Committee Member Sherry Dial at 579-5806 or Patti Platt at 532-2739

Revised 3/13//2017

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